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How to Keep Home Drains Clear

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Whether it’s food scraps down the kitchen sink or shampoo down the shower drain, drains remove water and debris. Drains frequently clog themselves while performing this function, though. Some of the biggest culprits to blocked drains include cooking grease, coffee grounds, hair, soap scum, and food scraps. While you can count on Zona Plumbing Inc. for all your plumbing needs, there are precautions you can take to prevent or remove clogs. In this blog, we take a look at how to keep home drains clear in and around Irwin, PA.


Drain Back-Ups Can Affect Your Health and Well-Being

Pipe buildup may affect your health and cause damage to your plumbing. Health issues that already exist might become worse as a result of blocked drains. For instance, those who have asthma can have more flare ups caused by extra germs. Not only can there be potential mold growth, pests like drain flies thrive in a clogged drain.  Structural damage is another concern with prolonged drain clogging.  Clogs weaken the structural integrity of a pipeline, increasing the risk of leaks or other problems.

Flooding can cause wall supports to deteriorate, and bend flooring in certain homes. To guarantee that your plumbing lasts a long time, take proper care of it. When blockages appear, remove them immediately, and make sure to clean your pipes out thoroughly on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to call Zona Plumbing Inc. if you are unable to clear a blockage in and around Irwin, PA.


Ways to Prevent and Remove Clogs in Home Drains

  • Do not put anything down the drain apart from water and cleaners. In the kitchen, save cooking grease in coffee cans, and add coffee grounds or food scraps to your compost. For shower drains, brush hair before showering to lessen shedding. Also, add a screen protector to the drain to catch loose hair and soap scum. Do not flush anything beside waste and toilet paper down toilet drains. Dental floss, feminine hygiene products and other household waste should go in the trash instead.
  • It is inevitable that sometimes oil and grime will rinse down your kitchen sink after cooking and eating. When this does happen, rinse the drain for several seconds with hot water to help it move through.
  • Periodically clean your drains. Tossing some baking soda into the drain will absorb nasty odors. You can combine this with vinegar as the natural acid will help break down grease and grime. Follow these products with boiling hot water to help rinse them and the grime through the system. Be cautious if using store-bought cleaning chemicals. Some can damage pipes or harm your eyes and lungs.


Contact Zona Plumbing, Inc. for Thorough Drain Cleaning

Deep cleaning your drains can be challenging, and most tools on the market can only reach so far down drains. However, the skilled plumbers at Zona Plumbing Inc. have the equipment and knowledge required to thoroughly clear your drains.



For more on important plumbing services, contact Zona Plumbing Inc. or call (412) 754-1824 today. Our plumber can give you solid tips on how to keep home drains clear.