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Hot water tank

Hot Water Tank Replacement Considerations

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When it comes to hot water tank replacement considerations, allow the experts at Zona Plumbing to guide you. Your water heater provides the hot water needed for your evening shower, clothes dryer, and dishwasher. When it breaks down, the question is not should you have it serviced, but more how much it will cost? The last thing you need, when your hot water tank breaks, is the surprise of astronomical water heater replacement costs. This month, Zona Plumbing takes a look at the costs and considerations when having a hot water tank replacement. 


Save Money Now to Save a Headache Later

When a repair is not an option, you will need to have the entire hot water tank replaced. Depending on where you live and who you call for service, the cost of replacement varies. According to Homeadvisor, a hot water tank replacement costs several thousands of dollars depending on tank type and heating method.


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At Zona Plumbing, we should be your first call in and around Irwin, PA, when detecting a problem with you hot water. Our plumbers will run a diagnostic test to see what the problem is. Our plumber will offer affordable repairs right away if we determine you need a replacement. Don’t wait for a repair. Call the plumbers at Zona Plumbing at (412) 754-1824 for any plumbing problems.


Traditional Hot Water Tanks Need Replaced on Average Every 10 Years

A leak, strange noises, metallic tasting water, and no hot water when you turn the faucet all indicate a problem. Your hot water tank will need serviced and possibly replaced. A malfunction might indicate that yours is nearing the end of its useful life. A traditional hot water tank lasts on average 10 years. Some modern tankless systems may last up to 20 years.

Different types of water heaters all start at different price points. Hot water tank types include standard tank storage, tankless, and hybrid or high-efficiency. Installation and labor costs will also affect the overall price of water heater replacement. You will also need to factor in labor costs, and if you are converting from a tank to tankless. Trust Zona Plumbing to professionally install your hot water tank replacement. We provide cost quality, cost efficient work you can trust.


Factors Involved In Water Heater Replacement Costs

You should expect to spend at least $1,000 for a basic water heater. Opting for a tankless system could cost up to $4,000 before labor costs. Those with a home warranty can drastically reduce the costs of replacing a water heater. It is best to still prepare in case a warranty does not cover the replacement. When budgeting to replace your hot water heater, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Type: The biggest factor in your water heater replacement costs will be whether you choose a tankless or tank-based system. Tankless systems heat water on demand, and last twice as long as tank systems. But they cost two to three times as much. A tank system holds 30-80 gallons of hot water in a tank. While a cheaper option, they do not last as long as tankless, and stored water must be replenished. 
  • Efficiency rating: High-efficiency models come in both tank and tankless models, and can offer energy savings of 100 – 300 percent. However, they will cost you several thousand dollars more than a standard-efficiency model.
  • Size: The larger the water heater, the more expensive it is. For tank-based water heaters, you’ll need to determine how many gallons your household needs. 
  • Gas vs. Electric: A gas system will cost $100 to $200 more than an electric model upfront. However, most people end up saving more over the life of the unit on their utility bills.


If you experience any issue with your hot water in and around Irwin, PA, contact Zona Plumbing, Inc. Give us a call at (412) 754-1824 for emergency service, repairs, or replacement. We are happy to discuss more about hot water tank replacement considerations.