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Frozen pipe

How to Keep Water Lines from Freezing

Zona Plumbing Inc. Offers Emergency Service for Burst Pipes

How to keep water lines from freezing is a question that pops up every winter. One of the most frequent causes of property damage in cold weather is burst pipes. Water damage can easily cost $5,000 or more to fix. Regardless of how sturdy the pipe, the expansion of frozen water will create cracks. Then when the water does thaw, gallons will spew if not fixed, resulting in flooding, furnace damage, and structural damage. In addition to doing routine winter house care, it’s critical to keep pipes from freezing.

At Zona Plumbing Inc., we want to offer you these tips on how to keep water lines from freezing. Also, be aware that our plumber provides effective pipe thawing in and around Irwin, PA.


Focus on Protecting Exposed or Low Insulated Pipes

Pipes that run along the exterior of your home or are in chilly places like basements or attics can freeze. However, there are precautions you can do to safeguard your water systems, and avoid pipes from freezing. Although maintaining warm pipes may slightly increase your utility costs, it’s worth averting the aggravation of a burst pipe. Follow these tips to save yourself trouble in the long term:

  • Set the thermostat in your house no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Open cabinet doors and leave pantry doors open if you have exposed pipes closed off by them. This allows heat to easily reach the pipes.
  • Turn all faucets on slightly. Allowing water to drip keeps water flowing through the pipes, helping to keep the pipe temperature up.
  • Disconnect garden hoses before winter arrives. If possible, use an interior valve to turn off and drain the water from the pipes going to outside faucets. This lessens the possibility of the small pipe span within the home freezing.
  • Find and completely plug any leaks that let chilly air in. Look for air leaks around pipes, dryer vents, and electrical cables, and seal them with caulk or insulation.
  • Utilize heat wires or heat tape around pipes to prevent freezing.
  • Before winter hits, add and check insulation in your attic and basement. This can save money on heating costs and keep the cold away from pipes.


How to Fix a Frozen Pipe in Irwin, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

Before a frozen pipe thaws, there are some steps you should take. Keep the faucet open, as the thawing water will need somewhere to go. Also, running water will help increase the temperature inside the pipe, melting ice from the inside. You should call us for our professional services, but if you don’t, apply heat to the section of pipe. Wrap an electric heating pad around the pipe or blow hot air with a hairdryer or space heater. Do not use open flame devices. Keep applying heat until you reach full water pressure.



If you find a leak or cannot find the frozen pipe, contact Zona Plumbing Inc. Give us a call at (412) 754-1824 for plumbing services. We are happy to discuss more about how to keep water lines from freezing.