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When you need quality septic and plumbing installation services, count on the experts at Zona Plumbing Inc. in Irwin, PA. Where do you call home right now? Are you someone who lives in a more crowded area or one that is more rural? Depending on where you live, this determines how your home gets and passes water. You probably have a septic system if you live in a more spread-out area. You need to install this system if you are building a new home. The same applies for moving onto a property that doesn’t already have a tank. Make sure to consider the following when deciding how you will handle your septic tank and plumbing process:

Make Sure You Receive a Variety of Contractor Bids

Depending on the size of your land and the condition of the soil, a percolation test itself can cost anywhere between $250 and $1,000. That fact emphasizes the importance of receiving a variety of bids from potential contractors. Make sure to consider third party reviews of their previous work before deciding. This also means checking whether your potential contractor has the appropriate insurance papers. It’s critical in case something goes wrong. You should check their insurance for everything, including excavation and drain field testing. Contractors understand that you have a budget for your project. Make sure that what they offer will ensure that they do the work at a price you feel comfortable with.

Test Your Soil, and Get the Proper Construction Permits

If you use a septic tank, it will need to be surrounded by permeable soil. This helps you to avoid liquid residue and contaminate runoff water or leak into the water table. The permeable soil is most recognized as the drain or leach field. You must get a percolation test for your system, and it must pass before you begin operation. Your land will need to have a certain amount of sand and gravel. The local health authorities set these standards. You should have these tests done ahead of your residential land purchase. This ensures that you won’t end up spending unnecessary money.

Make a Quality Plan for a Safe, Effective Excavation Process

You need a wide variety of tools and equipment for the excavation process to take place. Now that you have finished the proper testing, it’s time to bring in heavy equipment. Don’t make this a DIY project, though! Your smart choice is to bring in a tried-and-true septic system installation company such as Zona Plumbing, Inc. Plan ahead on a timeframe to complete this work. The best time would be when your septic system construction has the lowest impact on your home. The normal process gets taken care of before the driveways and sidewalks get paved and after the main frame of your home gets built.

Consider What Kind of Septic System Will Work for Your Home

There are three traditional septic tank systems. Conventional systems will use gravity to move household sewage through the system. These systems involve liquid waste. Liquid waste flows into the drain field, where it decomposes. Alternative systems, though, use oxygen rather than natural bacteria for breakdown. The wastewater usually is cleaner, but it tends to be the most expensive. Engineered systems are most common in areas where the soil is of poor quality. Liquid waste gets pumped into the leach field for even distribution. These systems work with concrete, plastic, and fiberglass septic tanks. Consider the durability of each system as they cost anywhere between $1,200 to $2,000 for installation.

Look Out for Septic System Repair Needs, Too

Over the course of your septic tank’s lifespan, routine maintenance will be necessary. Keep a close eye on your leach field, and use your lids for inspection. Never treat your septic tank as a trash disposal, because it can cause back up your system. Make sure that no heavy machinery ever travels over your septic tank. Always have your system pumped, ideally every five years. This will help you keep solid wastes from surrounding soil or groundwater. Do you need more information? Check out these insights from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Zona Plumbing Inc. Installs Quality Septic Tank & Plumbing Systems

For quality septic and plumbing installation in and around Irwin, PA, choose the skilled contractors at Zona Plumbing Inc. We all need quality plumbing as part of our daily lives in our homes and businesses. Trust our contractors for the best quality installation work at a fair price. We also know that no one wants a septic tank problem that could leave them with a big bill later. That is why you need the area’s best septic and plumbing installation and repair services. When you want the best septic and plumbing installation in the Irwin, PA area, reach out to us.

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